This Calgary office is part workspace, part treasure-filled respite from the world.

 `WL0615.GreatSpacesWhile the presence of a handsome desk and chair often suggests a dedicated workspace, designer Kevin Mitchell of Cridland Associates is quick to note that this isn’t your typical office.Transforming an unfinished room into a stunning study for two empty nesters, Mitchell took care to create ample space for the couple’s personal treasures. Against a gorgeous view of the riverfront, a stone bench plays host to an assortment of vintage industrial moulds—a find from Palm Springs—while streamlined furnishings and monochromatic shelving draw attention to an eclectic collection of antique books, childhood mementos and tropical souvenirs.“Keep the room quiet and let everything you put into it sing,” says Mitchell. And don’t be afraid to do some rearranging, either. “It’s definitely a living space,” he says. “Things aren’t meant to be static.”Get the LookOysterShellSphereThis Arteriors Kosta oyster shell sphere ($225) adds a little hit of whimsy. AphroditeBoxHide your clutter in these pretty Aphrodite Bone boxes ($439 for two). kathykuohome.comEamesChairThe classic Eames aluminum chair ($1,375) is sure to inspire great work.