Cabin Pressure's Colin and Justin fill us in on how to create the perfect personalized cabin without breaking the bank.

Colin and Justin are back for a second season of cabin renovations, and this year holds no shortage of DIY inspiration and anything-goes mentality. The duo is embracing the notion of connectivity between the great outdoors and the inside of the cottage. Despite their passion for personal style, Colin and Justin still offer a few words of wisdom to help even the most lost find their way home.colin&justin cabin style interview western living 1colin&justin cabin style interview western living 7 Colin and Justin sent us some snapshots of their favourite highlights from the cabin. To show off their creative use of wood, this table made of reclaimed lumber displays textural accessories to personalize the space.Ask Yourself the Right Questions Before You Get StartedColin and Justin believe in a concise, intelligent strategy to developing a design. “I think it’s about trying to get the balance right,” says Colin, “it’s about how you actually use your space and delineating space properly.” He suggests asking practical questions about when and how you use a space before making the big choices like colours. “You find that you just get inspired by your surroundings.” The designers picked a natural palette for their space, utilizing reclaimed wood and various timbers, combined with a deep Benjamin Moore rock mountain grey to fill their kitchen space.colin&justin cabin style interview western living 8 This wicker chair not only adds comfort and a cozy feel, but is a great way to use a sheepskin throw.Accessorizing Can Be On Trend and On BudgetThis year, the cabin look has spread to the stores and is now widely accessible without spending a fortune. Justin recommends key pieces like gorgeous (and ethical) sheepskin throws and cowhides. “You can find really cool sheepskin throws in Ikea, in various sizes and colours for really inexpensive pricing. And cowhides are a by-product of the meat industry—they’re not being killed for their hides, so that is actually sustainable as well.” Need some texture? Think big layers, chunky weaves, and natural knits.The two don’t deny that nostalgia tends to enter the cabin, but careful thought in combining pieces is key. Keeping in mind accessories and colour palettes can change season to season, Colin notes his current obsession of burnt orange can be easily applied to add warmth through the chilly months. “I think now’s a really good time for people to feel comfortable about finding their inner designer because everything goes nowadays,” adds Justin. “It’s very much an anything-goes aesthetic and it works really well for 2015.”The Cabin Can Never Have Enough WoodThe one thing the boys can’t get enough of? Wood. “Tons and tons of driftwood—we’re using it everywhere,” shares Colin. “Reclaimed wood is very, very trendy. Barn board is enormous!” And there’s no limit to where it belongs in the cabin: kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, even bathrooms, this look can translate into just about any space. “We even have an obsession with cutting boards!”, Justin adds. They recommend their latest find, Glasgow-based Object Company. The two discovered the woodworkers on a recent trip and couldn’t resist buying up the whole stall of wooden cutting boards, which they’ve cleverly assembled into a vignette.colin&justin cabin style interview western living 5 DIY can also be in the details. This mirror gets a revamp with black and red cut-outs added to the edges.Be Creative With A DIY ‘Up-Cycled’ LookEven with sensible décor ideas from stores like Home Sense and Marshall’s (where you can pick up items from their line Colin & Justin Home), Colin and Justin’s cabin makeover has been filled with creative yet trendy DIY solutions. “Anything with a kind of ‘up-cycled’ look is really important,” advises Justin, “Things that have had an existence for one purpose that are perhaps repurposed for a new use.” Creativity was huge factor in their cabin style, with added details like canoe paddles wall-mounted with clothes hooks and mirrors with rope detailing hung on big, chunky hooks. Their favourite DIY however was a slightly bigger (and riskier) project. In the sunroom, all the walls were redone in a natural-looking and affordable twice sawn lumber. “It tends to be very white, so we spilled a mix of one massive jar of Nescafe granules into a gallon of water and we stained it with a huge wallpaper brush,” explains Colin,” And it gives it that lovely sun burnt amber look that comes with the passage of time.”Season 1 of Cabin Pressure is currently re-running on Cottage Life TV at 10pm Thursdays.Season 2 will premiere Sunday March 22nd at 9pm. Cottage Life TV goes into FREE preview on March 20th. Check local listings for details.Colin and Justin were recently featured as guest speakers at the Calgary Home and Design Show 2014.Follow the designers on social media! cabin style interview western living 6 Vintage is fully on trend, and this reclaimed sign adds a rustic and colourful element to simple white walls.colin&justin cabin style interview western living 2 It doesn’t get more country than an antler feature hanging on the walls. Colin and Justin have added the detail and a wooden ceiling to create a natural space in their bathroom.colin&justin cabin style interview western living 9 A wood stove warms up the cabin, both in temperature and design.