Photos by Krista Jahnke

We know, we know, Haeccity Studio did a beautiful job with both the upstairs and the main floor renovation of this False Creek two-storey apartment, but we have to confess that it’s what’s in-between that truly has us swooning. 

Of course we see the impressive custom millwork and ultra-functional storage options, the smart layout that allows for exposure to northern and southern light€”but we just can’t take our eyes off this quirky guardrail screen.

Inspired by the shade screens that are present in many South American courtyards, the custom white metal screen is peppered with peekaboo holes that allow natural light to pour over the wooden stairs. The polka-dot pattern also brings a sense of playfullness to the otherwise miniminalist space, a nod to the art-collecting homeowners’ eclectic sensibility. 

It’s just a great reminder that a simple, functional architectural element can still be an opportunity for a little bit of whimsy. Let the light in.

More Photos of This Modernist Vancouver Home

Here’s the rest of the house if you want to see what happens up or down this glorious staircase: