Windowworks specializes in window treatments of all styles and shapes.

No matter the time of day or what the weather holds, the windows in your home are a crucial, quiet presence, bringing the outside world in.

Some days, you want the sun to pour into your living room; other times, you want to block it out€”say, when that new Netflix series is on and you need to be able to see the screen, or when you've trying to sleep in past sunrise. Sometimes you want privacy indoors, while other times you want to gaze outdoors.

Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

Youwant to be able to control the amount of light that comes into your home whilealso having beautiful décor.

Windowcoverings play multiple roles, says Terry Jorgensen, founder and president ofWindowworks, Western Canada's premier window-treatments centre. Besides addingto the visual appeal of your surroundings, they can protect furnishings fromsun damage and boost energy efficiency by keeping a home cool in summer andwarm in winter.

€œPeoplewant to control the amount of light they€™re getting,€ Jorgensen says. €œAs muchas we love the sun, it can be very damaging to pictures, furniture, carpet, andfloors with its UV content. Things can fade in a matter of days. 

€œWithso many products out here, the first thing you want to determine is what's mostimportant to you: maintaining your view or having privacy,€ he adds. €œIt helpsto talk to an expert to get ideas.€

That'swhere Windowworks comes in. The BC company has specialized in premium customdraperies, shutters, shades, and blinds since 1987.

Duette® Honeycomb Shades

A HunterDouglas Gallery dealer, it has an experienced team that knows what kinds offactors people need to consider when it comes to selecting on window coverings,from sheers and honeycomb shades to woods and woven textures. The Windowworksgallery includes large working displays where you can see exactly what differentproducts offer and how they function.

Provenance® Woven Woods Shades

Thestrongest current trend, Jorgensen says, is motorization.

Childsafety is a key reason more people are turning to automation for their windowcoverings. The Canadian government has mandated that cords on blinds not belonger than six inches to prevent infant strangulation; It's an important measure,and motorization makes it possible to operate blinds that are physically out ofreach.

Convenienceis another. In homes with dozens of windows, having automatic blinds makes lifethat much simpler. Hunter Douglas, for instance, offers a wireless operatingsystem that gives people the ability to control and schedule window treatmentsvia remote control or a mobile device from anywhere in the world.

Programmableblinds make for an energy-efficient home, allowing you to keep them closedduring peak sunlight hours then lift them up once the sun has passed, withouthaving to be at home to do so manually.

Thenthere are smart homes: Certain systems for window treatments can be synced withAlexa, Siri, and other similar technologies.

Windowworks€™expertise in custom work means that, with its team of 25 seamstresses andupholsterers, it can design coverings for unusually shaped or slanted windows.€œWe love challenging windows,€ Jorgensen says, €œwe're very proud that we'venever had a project we couldn€™t complete.€

Windowworksis also unique in that it specializes in custom furniture and upholstery. Itcan rebuild and recover heirloom or beloved pieces like sofas, chairs,ottomans, and headboards, reviving a lost art.

Thecompany's new custom-made hardwood furniture frames have dowelled, glued, andscrewed joints to prevent squeaking or wobbling. The team can even make upholsteredwall panels to fit any size of wall. If you've looking for custom quilting fora cushion, bedspread, or anything else you can imagine, they have the machineryand the craftmanship to make it.

€œWehave 25 seamstress and upholsterers with hundreds of years of experience amongthem,€ Jorgensen says. €œWe work on projects for some of the finest interiordesigners in BC and have lofty expectations and challenges. Our goal is tosupply their inspirations.€

Windowworkshas an extensive fabric library and 10,000-square-foot workroom.Representatives will also visit clients at home to get a sense of their needsand discuss options, styles, and colours.

To learn more about what works best for your windows, visit Windowworks at or unit #10 13331 Vulcan Way, Richmond.