We featured Vanessa Starck and Misha Olynyk’s Mount Pleasant home years ago in Western Living Condo, but the main design lesson here still feel fresh. Namely: Don’t let a little challenge like “making a decision” get you down. 

The inability of Olynyk and Starck to agree on one style was a design dilemma that turned out to be a blessing. Instead of compromising on a singular model, they just pulled all their favourites around the table. €œEvery chair has a story, and the combination is never set in stone,€ said Olynyk in our 2017 profile of the home.

A vintage pink number sits happily next to a Folke Palssn J77 and an Eames Dax upholstered seat. For commitment-phobe design lovers, the mix-and-match method offers the promise of endless possibilities.

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Another design headache that turned out to be a blessing? The bulkhead over the dining area was a struggle to contend with €” but when the couple leaned into the problem and reframed it as a feature, something magical happened. A coat of deep navy pain on the back wall and along the ceiling transformed the area from €œcramped€ to €œcozy.€ Now, it might just be their favourite spot in the apartment.

A dark Ikea Persisk area rug further helps define the space against the stark white flooring. Here, a custom-built pine table is now a glowing, golden beacon, welcoming guests to pull up a chair and stay a while.

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