Tucked between two homes from very different eras, this infill house in Vancouver’s Riley Park neighbourhood bridges the architectural divide. The house to the left is from the 1900s; to the right, a 1980s structure. And in the middle, architect D’Arcy Jones has taken cues from both time periods to create a modern design that nods to heritage.

A pair of square bay windows and old school shingles face the street, while on the inside, a minimalist white-and-concrete look is fresh and new. The result is a 2,600-square-foot beauty that feels both of-the-moment and timeless.

Photos by Ema Peter.

Photos from Inside the House With Two Bay Windows

A cascade of concrete steps leads into the charcoal-coloured home.
A cascade of concrete steps leads into the charcoal-coloured home.
The view of the glass doorway with the kitchen island on the left side
A wooden island adds warmth to the otherwise sleek, minimalist space.
A black table with a library of books behind it
Built-in shelving provides both storage space for books and a wall with plenty of visual interest.
The kitchen is white with a wooden island in the center
Handleless cabinetry offers a smooth, sleek finish for the white millwork.
A kitchen island made of wood with matching chairs
Polished concrete flooring contrasts beautifully against the wood countertop.
The stairway with a collection of driftwood hung upon the wall
A driftwood installation in the staircase brings in a hit of nature to the walk upstairs.
The top of the stairs meets the doorway to the next room
Crisp white walls give a serene, gallery-like atmosphere to the home.
A bathroom with white tiling
The bathroom is filled with beautiful natural light; humble square tiles add texture here.
A window nook with a child reading
A cozy window seat makes for the perfect reading nook, with views onto the street.
A black and white shelf
Built-in shelving provides storage space for all of the family’s treasures.

The view of the front of the house shows two large bay windows emitting golden light

Originally published February 2021