Of course we love each and every home featured by Western Living equally, but sometimes, decisions need to be made—it’s year-end list time, after all, which means we’ve gotta toughen up and crown a personal champion. So, whether we wrote the home feature, found some design inspiration from the gorgeous photos, or are full-on fantasizing about moving in, these are the spaces that (twist our arms) struck us most in 2022.

My Own Renovation, Designed by PlaidFox Studio

There is probably a statute of limitations about how long I can talk about this renovation, but hopefully I haven’t reached it yet, because this obviously was my favourite story of the year for incredibly selfish reasons. Sure, I love writing about other people’s home makeover stories and profiling designer projects, but experiencing the thrill of being the subject of a story was a highlight of the year for me. Reflecting on the soul-crushing renovation project in the article felt like a nice moment of closure, and watching designer Ben Leavitt and his team work their magic to style our place for the photo shoot offered one final moment of design inspiration. I feel so lucky to have lived to tell the tale, and to live somewhere I’m proud to call home. And now I’ll stop talking about it forever, I promise.—Stacey McLachlan, editor at large

This Maximalist Dream Home from Paul Lavoie

Yes, this home was voted WL‘s 2022 Home of the Year by our readers. But no, I didn’t pick this home to make friends. I can’t help it if WL readers also have my maximalist taste. I love a good black-and-white-and-wood home as much as the next modern design magazine editor, but bold colours, bizarre shapes and a healthy punch of personality will always have my whole heart. This home from Paul Lavoie Interior Design exemplifies a goal for my own: to create a space that’s so inspiring, it’s impossible to get bored… even if you’re living in it every day.—Alyssa Hirose, associate editor

A Gorgeous Lakeside Retreat from Falken Reynolds Interiors

I adore every home that makes it to the final pages of every issue—that’s why we choose to publish just a handful from the hundreds that come across our desks. But this family home in Smithers, B.C., was one of those gems that I still recall when I first saw it, and responded with an immediate “YES AND I WANT IT ON THE COVER!” It manages to look like it’s been designed over time by the team at Falken Reynolds—even though it’s a new home, not a renovation—with its collection of antiques from Scott Landon and modern pieces like Bensen Torii chairs and that incredible Vitis 5 pendant lamp. But it’s also so warmly inhabited by its owners—perfect case in point, one of the daughters swinging on the kitchen counters in the photo above—that it feels like a place I’d want to move into, too. Anyone need a fun aunt to knit with on the weekends? —Anicka Quin, editorial director

Credit: Photos by Ema Peter

A Nature-Inspired Whistler Home from Shelter Design and Lauren Ritz Design

This home caught my eye as soon as I saw it. With sky-high ceilings, blue-sky mountain views and a design that’s both minimal and modern yet deeply cozy, I’m ready to move in. It doesn’t hurt that this home was built in breathtaking Whistler and features so many floor-to-ceiling windows showing off its beautiful terrain, but really, it’s the small touches like the stack of firewood and dramatic window trim throughout that really draw me in. It’s at once airy, flowy and woodsy, while still feeling  sophisticated and modern. Maybe even more impressive than the views (a tough feat, I know) is the fact that this entire house was assembled in a week and a half, thanks to prefab panels by B.C. Passive House, complete with  environmentally friendly, fire-resistant insulation. I can’t even finish a TV series that quickly. And to be able to call Whistler your backyard? That’s the ultimate flex. —Kerri Donaldson, assistant editor