1. Create a space with breathing room. 

If you entertain frequently, your entryway should have plenty of room to welcome partygoers (and it doesn't hurt to set the tone with a swath of bold, beautiful wallpaper and a cozy bench for easy shoe-tying action). €œWe must€™ve redesigned the stairs four or five times to make sure it wouldn€™t be cramped,€ laughs Cam Kraychy of Calgary's Rocky Point Custom Homes.

2. Go big for your opening statement. 

Vancouver designer Ami McKay installed a sculptural, curving staircase and a custom oversized pivoting door to take advantage of the scale of this West Coast contemporary home. €œThe visual weight of these key elements along with the mix of natural materials€”travertine, warm woods€”brings in a laid-back-luxe kind of vibe as soon as you walk in the door,€ McKay explains.

3. Warm up the entry with texture. 

A textured rug, oak flooring and beautiful balcony millwork bring a sense of warmth into an open, airy space. €œThis was a new unit, but the finishes were very cold,€ says Hollam Design's Adria Brotzel of this Vancouver home. €œOur biggest goal was to warm up the entrance.€ Even the monochromatic elements have some personality: the all-white wall is lined with horizontal moulding detail that adds some vital texture.

Originally published January 2016