2020 was an impactful year. It challenged us to reflect and think bigger and more creatively, and in the interior design world, this is more important than ever. Vancouver's Beyond Beige Interior Design (BBID), an interior design firm specializing in residential and commercial new builds and renovations, took advantage of everything good about 2020 and is infusing its brand with a fresh perspective.

€œ2020 was an opportunity to take inventory and think about what we wanted as the next chapter for our company,€ says Reisa. €œIt was such a transitional year we wanted to be introspective and move forward into 2021 with what we learned, while still staying true to our roots.€

This exercise inspired BBID to further investigate the intimate relationships people have with their surroundings. €œWe want to create dwellings as unique as the individuals living in them, not based on fleeting trends,€ Reisa says. €œOur motive and brand has always been €˜feel good inside€™.€

This play on words speaks to the Beyond Beige's mission to make the design process playful, fresh, and stress-free and to achieve the ultimate aim of feeling good in one's space.

€œWe want to make sure that the process is fun and enjoyable,€ Reisa says. €œIt isn€™t just about getting the big €˜ta-da!€™ moment at the end. It is about a journey where clients can reflect on their space and envision how they will feel working or living in it as part of the process.€

Beyond Beige is taking its own interiors to another level beginning with a renovation of its design studio and a relaunching of the company's website. The firm has achieved multiple design awards and is committed to remaining one of the top professionals in the industry.

Understanding that everyone lives differently in their homes, Beyond Beige is thoughtful of ensuring each space is deeply reflective of what drives or inspires the people who live there.

€œWe are always trying to include a unique, interesting feature in each design, be that a fireplace, a piece of furniture, or a unique way of using a space,€ Reisa says.

Beyond Beige is starting this fresh new year with a website revamp. Visit www.beyondbeige.com to see what can be.


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Address: 1121 15th ST W, North Vancouver, BC V7P 1M7
Phone number: (604)-876-3800