It’s bold, brash and unapologetic. Give your dining table a dose of retro glam with these designer tips.

The complete dinner table is about so much more than the food you serve: a beautiful place setting can be a key ingredient of any memorable meal. Need a little inspiration for your next tabletop tableau? Monogram Dinner by Design (September 16 and 17 in Vancouver, is a real-life tablescaping lookbook: 10 design firms (like WL mainstays Kelly Deck Design and Evoke) work their magic to transform 10 tables into fabulous, feast-worthy spaces. We got a sneak peek at what designer Craig Stanghetta from Ste. Marie Art and Design will be showcasing this year with his bold place setting from the show. Here’s how to bring the look—a striking combination of copper, cast iron and glass—to your own table.Look to the Past The crystal, mirrors and soft pink instantly evoke an early-’90s vibe, but touches like sleek black powder-coating add a modern twist. “It’s about finding the beauty in the retro cliché, and reinterpreting it in a current way,” says Stanghetta.Forget the Flowers Though delicate dried grasses and baby’s breath are present at this table, the crystals are the real centrepiece. “You can use non-traditional items like these large chunks of Himalayan rock salt, that are just as beautiful as florals,” suggests Stanghetta.Mix it Up “Juxtaposition elevates the experience,” Stanghetta explains. “It’s about focusing on counterpoints and throwing people outside of their comfort zone.” Here, the matte, powder-coated finish of the cast-iron bowl boldly contrasts with the table’s mirrored surface. wl