“There’s a gem of condo design spaces that often go unnoticed in Vancouver.” says Jenalee Tsimara, design lead of Schédio.

Tsimara recognizes the potential of condo spaces to transform into havens of modern design, and a large part of that transformation is recognizing the relationship between space and people. “It’s such an intimate exchange, getting to understand how people live and trying to figure out how to create a space that allows them to thrive and grow,” she says.

When it came to renovating this Vancouver condo, functionality and impact were top of mind.

Photo by Janis Nicolay

The ultimate goal was to create a contemporary, modern space that reflected the kind of interesting lifestyle the homeowners wanted to feel and embody—a space that made them proud. One that would leave their guests in awe, evoking jaw-dropping reactions of “Oh my god!”

The living room features a three-sided fireplace wrapped in white Italian marble. Mirrors were placed behind the shelves to make the shelves feel twice as long and create a feeling of depth. Photo by Janis Nicolay.
Additional seating by the window features a little book nook that allows for some breathing room in the corner. Meanwhile, sconces from Articolo frame the art-like TV. Photo by Janis Nicolay.

It was also important for the condo to reflect the couple’s hard work and success, capturing a certain level of accomplishment. The clients wanted the space to cater to both entertaining and future family life–striking a balance between a mature, adult atmosphere and a kid-friendly environment.

Slat walls were installed in order to create a distinct dining area while keeping the open layout that flows into the living room. The shadows change throughout the day, giving it a dynamic feel. Photo by Janis Nicolay.

The project presented its fair share of challenges. Unlike detached homes where plumbing and electrical wiring could be routed through a wall, most of the condo’s were concrete.

“It was like trying to create bulkheads in really specific, intentional ways, building the plumbing behind or adding conduit electrical and integrating it into the cabinetry to look completely seamless,” said Tsimara. “Like you wouldn’t know that it was there.”

The inside of the cabinets were built with different depths to maximize storage. Photo by Janis Nicolay

In the kitchen, Schedio worked around the plumbing and created custom cabinetry to give the walls an illusion of being one height. To achieve this elevated, minimalist look, the kitchen’s cabinet fronts are all made with Dekton. The same stone is reflected through the kitchen island.

The firm worked with Formica to create a custom-made laminate countertop and backsplash that’s fingerprint-resistant, antimicrobial, and “self-healing.” The laminate looks like real wood, but because wood expands and contracts with time, Tsimara says it doesn’t make for a great backsplash or countertop as far as longevity is concerned. According to the designer, it took Formica months to create the specific print and material the home required.

“This gives you the look of wood but also gives you the functionality,” Tsimara explains, noting that the material is very family-friendly. “It’s kind of indestructible, but it looks sophisticated and modern and contemporary—but still, essentially, child-proof.”

The minimalist hardware from Linear Standard creates an elevated simplicity that makes it more impactful and striking. Photo by Janis Nicolay

Apart from working with other companies, Schedio also highlights the significance of local craftsmanship and sustainable practices in their process. The firm has its own workshop and millwork where it creates well-constructed custom pieces. That’s all on display inside the primary bedroom– the vanity makeup area was hand-built with fluted solid white oak doors and an Italian marble counter.

Clever details are built into the makeup vanity—built-in storage, a heat pocket for curling iron with hidden outlets for maximum maneuverability. The mirror is built with custom LED lighting with dimmer. Photo by Janis Nicolay.

The same fluted white oak is featured inside the bathroom. The bathroom layout was renovated to maximize the space and allow for a full-sized vanity with built-in medicine cabinets, secret storage and a 90-inch walk-in shower.

The same white marble from the fireplace is continued on the towel shelf, countertop and backsplash in the bathroom. Photo by Janis Nicolay.

In the shower, Tsimara created her own mosaic using lilac marble. The larger slabs were cut into smaller pieces to create a subtle pattern where checkered meets plaid. The pattern contrasts with the light and darker shades of the marble to highlight its details.

Photo by Janis Nicolay

“The math for this was so intense because it had to be framed out exactly,” Tsimara recalls. This meticulous attention to detail is showcased throughout the entire space, and is what truly sets it apart and makes a lasting impact.

“There’s an opportunity to show people that you can live with this beautiful experience within a reasonable and environmentally sustainable space—like a multi-high rise,” Tsimara says. “When you take something and reimagine it–give it a better flow and upgrade it to something customized—it has the capacity to make a difference.”

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