Photos by Lauren D. Zbarsky.

Apologies if I seem distracted writing this, but the second I heard that this stunning Studio Roslyn-designed condo belonged to two “established Vancouver restaurateurs,” I couldn’t stop guessing who they might be. Is it important that I know who lives here to appreciate the high-contrast palette and functional luxury of the dynamic home space? Not at all. But how am I supposed to plot to befriend them€”these successful good cooks with a beautiful home who might be inclined to host me, their new BFF, for a beautiful dinner party€”without this key detail? 

While I review the list of VanMag Restaurant Award winners and our previous Foodies of the Year and speculate wildly about which one of them may potentially be the lucky residents, let’s take a moment to admire what Jessica MacDonald and Kate Snyder, principals of Studio Roslyn, have done here.

The 2,300-square-foot, three-bedroom suite is in the same 100-year-old building as the homeowners’ restaurant, so the design duo incorporated bleached white oak flooring and elegant wood detailing in a nod to the historic architecture. Paired with more contemporary accents€”like one of the homeowner’s modern art work, which inspired the selection of a graphic black-and-white palette€”it’s a rich, layered look. On top of that, gold and black fixtures and Nero Marquina marble add a layer of modern luxury, while in the home office and their child’s bedroom, soft grey and blues bring in a sense of calm. 

The space is flexible enough that it can be used both for daily family life or to host a large dinner party, and chic enough that you can see why I’m obsessed with getting myself invited over€”the perfect combination for two of Vancouver’s busiest restaurant owners… whoever they are. 

Project Credits
Architect, Helen Pang Architecture
Contractor, Fort Construction
Millworker, Jaimie Douglas