It is not surprising that Lanefab Design/Build is known for its infill mini-homes (or laneway houses)€”it has brought some important innovation to Vancouver's building landscape, including the city’s first laneway house€”a compact, smartly designed 720-square-foot residence built with sustainability at its forefront. And speaking of sustainability, the design-build firm with more than a decade of experience in the region also constructed Moat House€”the first Passive House in New Westminster.

It is at the intersection of these two principles€”innovation and sustainability€”that Lanefab's work shines in the marketplace, be it on mini-homes or full-size custom homes, another of the company's passions.

€œWe create custom designs, tailored to perfectly fit your life,€ says Lanefab co-principal, LEED accredited designer Bryn Davidson, B.Eng. M.Arch. €œThat means efficient use of space and making the most of every square foot, with lots of built-in storage.€

Davidson leads the company with construction project manager Mat Turner, and together they are constantly working to infuse each project with great love of mid-century modern and west coast design and interest in the Passive House movement.

Whether solving space and planning challenges with smaller, infill houses or developing a larger vision with constructive full-size custom homes, Lanefab brings these elements together in a way that makes every structure unique and reflective of the owner's style and priorities.

Lanefab's approach to west coast design is personified by a strong indoor-outdoor connection and emphasis on honest material expression using natural local materials.
The Passive House movement emphasizes simple forms, thick walls and air-tight envelopes to create homes that are so efficient they don't need a heating system.

€œWhere we tend to end up, then, is a mash-up of Passive House and west coast modernism,€ Davidson says. €œWe like to employ thick walls, high-performance windows and passive solar strategies€”but those elements are typically mixed in with a more articulated building form and a greater connection between the inside and out.€
Building full size homes to the international Passive House standard guarantees quality and brings forward some of the building industry's most advanced technologies.

€œOur homes are often climate-friendly, zero-emissions homes with optional features, including rainwater harvesting and solar,€ Davidson says.

Lanefab is a design-build firm, which means it handles the entire process from initial concept to completion with the support of outside team members as needed. The advantage of working with a design-build firm is that it can be a one-stop-shop for the entire process and can be more efficient in sharing ideas, completing stages and communicating change orders.

Lanefab employs an experienced team of residential designers, interior designers, carpenters and project managers, and connects regularly with a dedicated team of consultants and subcontractors.

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