Rusco Industries’s triple glaze HPE Argon windows can save you 15 to 25 percent on your heating bills.

With winter weather upon us, increasing the home's energy-efficiency is a high priority for many homeowners, says local expert David McDonald, owner of Rusco Industries Calgary Ltd., a family-run business with 64 years of experience in exterior renovations.A large portion of Rusco's renovations are windows €œbecause people want to increase the energy-efficiency in their homes – especially this time of year with winter setting in, as well as seeing energy costs going up, and looming carbon taxes that will affect everything,€ McDonald says. €œPeople can save 15 to 25 percent on their heating bills by installing new energy-efficient windows, and it's one of the best ways to improve energy-efficiency in the home.€œTo ensure the new windows work to their full potential they need to be installed properly,€ he adds, noting that Rusco's technicians are Window Wise certified giving homeowners a five-year warranty on labour, and their windows come with a lifetime warranty.Rusco can install windows year round and is currently installing 25 windows and new exterior doors on a home in Edgemont.€œThe owners want to increase their home's energy-efficiency, so we're installing triple glaze HPE (high-performance) Argon windows and custom-stained fibreglass doors with multi-point locks, which not only offers better security, but also ensures the door fits nice and snug to block drafts,€ McDonald says. €œwe're also putting a peel and stick membrane around the windows and doors to prevent leaks.€McDonald notes homeowners can undertake small things to improve energy-efficiency, such as checking all their windows and doors to ensure the seal is tight, replacing old weather stripping and threshold strips, adjusting the door hardware to ensure the door closes tight, and checking the outside of the home to ensure the sealing around windows, doors and outdoor vents are solid.

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