Photos by Ema Peter

Andrea Rodman of Andrea Rodman Interiors worked with a gorgeous black and white palette and thoughtful design details to deliver her clients the forever home they’d dreamed about. Taking inspiration from both Scandinavian and Japanese design, Rodman created a space that she says is meant to feel “very neutral, zen and earthy.”

The home was built from the ground up in collaboration with Khang Ngyuen of Architrix Studio. Rodman and her team took into account the small details that will help the clients as their family grows: from the size of the stroller the growing family uses (key for doorways!), to creating a hidden powder room by the front door. It’s a comfortable space, designed through a lens of aesthetic simplicity.

The homeowner has an active food Instagram account, so the kitchen needed to be both artful and entirely functional. The white-on-white effect starts with a 13-foot countertop with a lovely a white faucet and basin. The tone-on-tone effect makes the hardware less pronounced, softening the space. “It’s a fun way of playing with metal,” says Rodman. “That’s something I like to do – play with metal and colours, making them less emphasized or more.”

An integrated fridge has the same effect. “Keeping it soft and harmonious was the objective,” she explains. “I like really understated and simple but more complex in the details,” says Rodman.

Black barstools bring visual interest their stark contrast, as does a hidden appliance garage. Like with the faucet and basin, Rodman uses colour to “make things disappear – everything in the appliance garage is black and it’s kind of fun because it’s pulling in the accents and the window details.” The rest of the kitchen is white, so this black appliance garage “is where we’re bringing contrast in,” says Rodman.

She brings the peaceful, zen vibe to the living area as well, where a large stone fireplace is accented by a narrow window – which feels almost like art. “They had a very specific look that they liked,” says Rodman, pointing out multi-functional storage and seating. “Sometimes we bring in architectural elements even though we’re not doing the architecture.” Warm maple millwork throughout pairs with the monochromatic colour scheme, contributing to the Scandi vibe.

The mix of functionality and clean lines creates an understated and relaxing atmosphere, perfect for a growing family.