Details by Mr. K is a new business, bringing unique and eclectic home furnishings to the Vancouver market, but it is hardly inexperienced in the world of beauty and fine objects

Details by Mr. K's concept blends an array of home accessories from around the globe against a subtle and elegant backdrop of neutral hues€”here, these items truly shine, showcasing a home's personality and style.

€œAn unexpected yet thoughtful selection of products, colours and textures can transform a home, especially for homeowners desiring a modern yet unique living space,€ says Andrew Karrasch, owner of Details by Mr. K. €œOur products are for people who understand the beauty of imperfection and finding the unexpected. They carefully consider each new addition to their home. A unique, eclectic mix is important to them. Their home is a sanctuary, not a showroom to impress others.€ 

Well-travelled, culturally aware and quality-driven homeowners will love items like Details by Mr. K's cushion collection. It marries modern design with traditional techniques, pushing the monochromatic status quo that often pervades contemporary North American design.

One brand at Details by Mr. K is Les-Ottomans€”a home collection of textiles, ceramics and rugs that defines uniqueness of style. The East meets West blend leaves room for personal creativity and the unusual that affirms a home's individuality. Les-Ottomans cushions have been a hit with local interior designers thanks to a wide range of textures, patterns and colours.

There is an essence of romance at the core of Chhatwal & Jonsson, a vibrant textile brand firmly rooted in two cultures: Sweden and India.

€œThe brand has a unique approach to creating an expression inspired by living between two cultures, € Mr. K says. €œIt began as a humble idea to combine Scandinavian eye for design with Indian handicraft and has blossomed into a recognized label with a presence in 25 countries.€

Mr. K's background and extensive travel experience are what inspired the business and the way its collection dares homeowners and designers to bring something new, vibrant and out of the box into contemporary living spaces.

€œOur focus is on diversity and making modern spaces look natural and like a home that has come together over time,€ he says. €œMinimalist isn€™t us€”balancing the perfect with the imperfect is something we think a great deal about.€

Details by Mr. K offers a range of globally, ethically, and sustainably sourced home accessories besides cushions, such as textiles, glassware, various wood products, and unique objects. Explore your home's worldly desires at


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