Dreaming of brighter times.

We were having a picture-perfect Autumn here Vancouver, all crunchy leaves and flaming orange trees dappled with sunlight and cute ankle boots that stayed miraculously dry, but then we flipped the calendar to November. Big mistake: suddenly, unhappily, the sky clouded over and the rain began to fall, as if the Weather Gods were just waiting for their cue in a very depressing school play. It’s wet, grey and gloomy, and it already feels like it’s going to be this way forever.Of course, the sun has to come out again eventually, but as we get ready to bear the brunt of another West Coast winter, let’s feast our eyeballs on some pretty pictures of sunny homes. Maybe we can soak up some last rays of sunlight vicariously and put off turning on that SAD lamp for another couple of days at least. (Photo: Ema Peter.)

1. Dreaming of Sunshine

Imagine waking up because sunlight is streaming gently into your bedroom and stirring your natural circadian rhythms, instead of groggily slamming off your alarm clock in the dark and then accidentally falling back asleep for two hours and being late for work. What we’re saying is: your life and career would improve if the sun came out again, and also if this Robert Bailey-designed home was yours. (Photo: Martin Tessler.)

2. All Warmed Up

We just feel warmer looking at this sun-dappled dining room. The skylights and the patio door let the light just pour in to this stunning vacation home from designer Alda Pereira. (Photo: Ema Peter.)

3. Dog Days of Summer

This McLeod Bovell-designed West Van home not only has a gorgeous wood-covered indoor/outdoor space ideal for soaking up some vitamin D, it also comes with two cute dogs, so you can enjoy a bonus fantasy about maximizing those endorphins with a little quality time with the pups. (Photo: Martin Tessler.)

4. Inside Out

It’s hard to tell where the indoor space ends and the patio begins in this stunning dream home by Interior Designer of the Year 2018 Juli Hodgson, but we love it all. (Photo: Ema Peter.)

5. Lightness of Being

Sunrise to sunset, this modern living room in a Frits De Vries-designed Bowen Island home lets in massive amounts of natural light…and when night (or winter) does fall, there’s always the sleek concrete-and-marble fireplace to warm things up. (Photo: Petr Myska.)

6. Sink Into It

The rose-coloured marble in this Punta Mita bathroom may not be for everyone, but it’s hard to argue with the dreamy view. Who needs a mirror when you could just stare at the sun streaming through palm leaves as you brush your teeth? (Photo: Ema Peter.)

7. Water World

You’ve got views of the sparkling ocean in every direction in this Falken Reynolds-designed home in Halfmoon Bay. How much longer ’til it’s summer again? (Photo: Martin Tessler.)

8. Good as Gold

Oak cabinetry maximizes the warmth in this summer home as surrounding windows (not pictured) flood the space with plenty of light. Check out more of this beachy family vacation spot, designed by BattersbyHowat, here.  (Photo: Janis Nicolay.)

9. End to End

This modern West Coast home, designed by Evoke, has folding doors on either end of the open-concept main floor—which means the whole space opens up like a tunnel from one outdoor space to the other. Sun! Light! Galore! (Photo: Travis Rowan.)

10. Aloha State of Mind

This Hawaii pied à terre, designed by Stephanie Brown, is just bathed in sunlight all year long. We’re only a little jealous.