Interior designer Andrea Rodman shares her '80s-inspired mood board.

I never imagined that this could happen, considering that I grew up in the ’80s, but I am loving the beautiful airy pastel teals and pinks,” says designer Andrea Rodman. “We’re seeing a lot of this inspiration coming from Scandinavian places like Copenhagen and Stockholm, and there is a nice balance of the light woods with these soft colours, bringing the ’80s back in a very elegant and timeless way.”

“I love taking inspiration from Australian designers like Conrad Architects—the countertop here is a chunky slab element that adds a feeling of mass and weight, while the hood fan area is more of an art statement, showcasing form and the architecture of the home.”

“Beautiful furniture pieces like the steam-bent beech chair designed by Josef Hoffmann in the 1930s are really inspiring me right now, along with prints by Angela Mckay.”

“I’m loving gold finishes, which also complement the light, wash wood tones.” Florian Schulz Onos 55 Suspension Light,