Interior designers will often intuitively incorporate wellness into their projects, but Calgary-based Annabelle D. Mastalic has made mental and physical health her studio€™s main mission. €œOur homes, and the way they are designed, have so much power over how we feel and how we live,€ says the founder and creative director of ADM Interiors. Her work in wellness goes beyond the basics (for example, the colour blue is soothing) to embrace science (for example, the colour blue can reduce heart rate and blood pressure).

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It€™s not surprising that Mastalic€™s design philosophy is rooted in research€”when she launched her studio in 2019, she had 17 years of nursing behind her. She€™s also a Certified Living in Place Professional and a Certified Aging in Place Specialist. €œWe put things in the design that support the homeowners€”not only now, but 20 years down the road,€ she says. Her spaces are built to endure thanks to a minimalist eye and neutral colour palettes. €œI keep it very simple, very natural, and that helps the space feel a lot calmer,€ she explains.

Mastalic predicts that advances in neuroaesthetics€”the study of aesthetic experiences at a neurological level€”are what€™s next for wellness design. €œyou've going to see devices that give designers the ability to understand, in depth, how someone is reacting to their space at a physiological level,€ she says.

From biophilic design elements (natural materials to induce a positive physiological response) to functional details (non-slip floors, custom counter heights and open cabinetry and drawers to reduce bending and reaching) to personal touches (a playful
granite countertop for geologist clients), Mastalic brings long-lasting and practical style to her projects. €œWellness design doesn€™t just benefit the aging population€”it€™s universal accessibility for everyone,€ she says.

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