Mixing and matching sheens can add a little personality to a room.

Colour isn’t the only way to add a little fun to a room—experimenting with mixing and matching the sheen of paint can give your space a whole new look. We asked the experts at Behr Paints for some creative ways to utilize the spectrum of sheens, and they shared three of their favourite ways to mix it up. (Need a primer on paint sheens? We’ve got you covered.)Try a high-sheen trim with a flat wall colour for a modern look. Because of the way the high-gloss finish changes the depth of a colour, it may almost look like a different colour altogether next to a matte-finish paint of the same hue. And not only is it a sleek, modern look, this creates an optical illusion that makes walls appear taller.Use a high sheen on the ceiling to brighten things up. The reflective quality of the high-sheen paint will bounce light around to brighten up a room.Experiment with patterns using different sheens. Alternating stripes, chevrons, oversized diamonds: pair flat and satin or flat and semi-gloss to create a feature wall that’s unique without being distracting.sheen diamond pattern