Trademark Renovations’ Blair Foisy shares how renovating can make your dream home a reality.

For most people their dream home is exactly that: a pipe dream added to a long list of €œif I win the lottery€ items. What they don't realize is that this doesn't have to start with a brand-new lot€”their current property has the same potential.€œWe are essentially giving homeowners a whole new home,€ says Blair Foisy, the Owner and President of Trademark Renovations, a Calgary-based renovation company that has won seven consecutive Consumer Choice Awards, the Top Choice Award, Best of Houzz, and several other titles since its 1981 establishment. Foisy shares the two main reasons why homeowners renovate and why it often makes more sense than a custom build.TrademarkRenovations_001

€œWe love our neighbourhood, but our home is out-dated.€

The most common reason to move is that your home no longer fulfills your needs. €œPeople want a home that better fits today's lifestyle,€ he explains. Whether that means finishing the basement with a home theatre and rec room, adding a cozier ambiance with a stone feature fireplace, or updating the kitchen to better accommodate entertaining, homeowners can achieve their home dreams by updating their current place. And at the current low interest rates, it makes sense to invest in your nest.

Trademark Renovations has renovated many of the city's heritage homes€”projects that Foisy describes as fun but challenging. €œYou take a 100-year old home and integrate modern amenities, systems and features all while maintaining the original character of the home.€

€œWe've outgrown our current home€”we need more space!€

€œMany of the renovations we do are for people who want a more practical and functional space,€ tells Foisy. This includes building storage opportunities (such as walk-in closets and full-length pantries), using inefficient space more creatively, and adding square footage for additions to mudrooms, kitchens and more.

 €œWe recently developed an artist studio in the attic above a garage,€ shares Foisy. €œWe've added secret rooms behind bookcases, incorporated storage-focal kitchens, and built a 16-foot floor-to-ceiling storage wall with a sliding library ladder, just to name a few.€Trademark Renovations€™ innovative solutions are exceptionally well received by clients, as proven by their almost entirely referral-based business. €œWe want our customers to be happy when the job is done,€ says Foisy, who lists quality, transparency and value as the cornerstones of the company. €œWe want them to feel that we've met their expectations and then some.€Click to see more from Trademark Renovations