An English engineer wants to build this design in the Village of Wraxhall and isn’t having much luck.

How many times have you driven past a monstrosity of a house and wondered, “How the heck did they get the permission to build that?” If you live in Vancouver, like I do, the answer is about a dozen times every day you drive to work. So one could forgive Dr. Hugh Pratt of Wraxhall, England of assuming that his idea to construct a previously un-built Frank Lloyd Wright design on his 12 acre site would be greeted with cheers or at the bare minimum, acceptance. One would be wrong.Despite the fact that Dr. Pratt has spent almost $150,000 and has been trying to get the design approved by the local council since 2004, they recently told him to get stuffed. One of the reasons—the design by arguably the 20th century’s greatest architect wasn’t “innovative” enough. Lord.And the very modest silver lining? Design firm Archilogic, who specializes in 3-D modelling has created an amazingly detailed virtual tour of the home.Click here to view what sadly will apparently only live in the virtual world.ImperialHotelFacade