Taking a cue from the Romans, this Vancouver home from our December 1974 issue puts a West Coast spin on outdoors-in design. 

For privacy from the street, this Dalla/Lana designed home takes inspiration from Roman and Spanish architectural design by centring the house around an open courtyard garden. This courtyard is a private world unto itself, with a secluded garden, a reflecting pool and statuary, made visible through the south walls of the house, which are all made of glass. To compensate for our climate, which is a little less forgiving than the Mediterranean’s, the large courtyard is only partly open to the weather, so that potted trees and greenery can flourish, while the high glass shed roof gives shelter, like a green house,  from wind and rain.By appropriating the basic atrium concept to fit the requirements of the West Coast, this home makes “outdoor” living possible for most of the year. Nestled in between tall cedars, it makes use of its natural surroundings, adapting to local scenery and weather conditions with sophistication.Click on the photo below to view the slideshow. 34125,34123,34122,34120,34121,34126,34124″ orderby=”randView more Throwback Thursday posts here.