We evoke an unusual home design from the November 1976 issue

Intended to be harmonious with the forest landscape atop the hills of Lions Bay, this exceptional home design from 1976 is inspiring to say the least. Together Howard Meredith (homeowner) and Rol Fieldwalker (architect) designed an open living space with no physical divisions, large zig-zag windows and generously extended decks creating the wonder that is the 1976 “Spiral House.””We enjoy the house as a sculpture — to be viewed in delight from all angles; to be lived in and on, to be climbed over and under. It’s a building which encourages peace of thought and activity without prejudice; a building with an entity and a function that is both universal and individual,” says Howard.Click on the photo below to view the slideshow. 

Curved living area has zig-zag windows (that sweep from Passage Island to the Tantalus Mountains), unpeeled fir posts, a casual assortment of furniture and Persian rugs.

Entrance hall steps down in tile. Kitchen area beyond can be screened by drapes

The original design

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