Freyia Dekor infuses robust contemporary design with exclusive Swedish Dekor to offer an intriguing alternative to traditional design and décor.

Freyia Dekor's aspiration is simple€”to feature how Scandinavian antiques can be incorporated into modern and functional spaces, creating a curated style with a contemporary vibe.

€œMy approach is to mix old with new,€ says Lead Designer and Owner Adene Lucas. €œA home full of just antiques feels stuffy but incorporating a few key pieces like a wooden bowl or an 18th century pedestal adds character, dimension, and a look that you don't come across at a big box store. I love to mix the elements, high and low, old and new, flawed and perfect.€

As a professional in the design industry for the past 17 years, Lucas has continuously sourced products and accessories to complete decor installations for clients. The idea of having hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind items with a history was very appealing.

€œWhen I went to Stockholm, I noticed the clean, simple aesthetic and fell in love with it,€ says Lucas. €œI then went back a second time to hand-pick everything I thought my clients and fellow designers would appreciate.€

She began the process of creating a collection of hand-carved wooden bowls, large cheese trays, wooden trestle tables and a beautiful crystal, candle lit chandelier.

€œThere were so many items, that I knew I could never find in Canada,€ Lucas says. €œI had to bring them over. I knew my clients and other designers would love these pieces.€

What sets Freyia Dekor apart is the function of its design division, where acquired pieces will be blended perfectly with the client's design style, via on-site or virtual visits.

€œWe recognize the challenge with designing a period-style space, and we want to ensure that our clients receive a curated design that enhances their lifestyle,€ Lucas says. €œThe simplicity and functionality of Swedish design and décor paired with my passion for items with artistic and historical meaning is a perfect fit.€

Freyia Dekor brings this aesthetic to Western Canada through its Calgary showroom, open by appointment, and through its online gallery.

In addition to displaying rich and storied items dating back to the Renaissance period, Freyia Dekor highlights the world-renowned Gotland sheepskins. Synonymous with Swedish style and known for their silky curls, shine, and fantastic colour variations, these skins are sought after by designers, stylists, and anyone with a panache for design and décor.

€œEvery time I part with an item its bittersweet, because I know the story continues on in another home and I won't come across that piece again,€ Lucas says. 

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