While most farmhouse-modern homes embrace stark black-and-white palettes, this L-shaped West Vancouver property by Synthesis Design blends a rustic vibe with Scandi-inspired neutrals€”and we can€™t get enough.

The soft colour palette comes from the materials themselves. €œThe homeowners weren€™t interested in a lot of maintenance,€ explains Brad Ingram, senior design manager of Synthesis. So Ingram and the team mixed ceramic-coated, cementitious Wall Shell board (€œIt has a bit of shine to it but is pretty much indestructible,€ he laughs) and wood-patterned, high-pressure laminate panel€”no stain required. It's a futuristic take on classic rural materials, but one that still looks oh-so natural and welcoming. Step up the staggered pathway through the concrete arch, and find a barn-like door to beckon you into a space that's just as beautiful on the inside.

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