As much as we appreciate a magazine-worthy room shot, we also know that great design goes beyond creating a 2D moment. €œYou have to stand back in different points of the house to see what views are available and how you can experience that space from each view,€ says Nancy Surby, principal of Nako Design in Squamish, B.C. €œWe wanted to create little pockets of experiences in unexpected places all over.€

One particular delight here: an archway that neatly frames a spectacular staircase. From the dark entryway, the curved doorway reveals a wooden stairway climbing up, up and up beneath a double-vaulted ceiling, artfully trimmed by black stainless-steel spindles that hit the sweet spot between trendy and timeless. €œThe homeowner really wanted a feature stairwell that complemented the style of the home€”and a place to wrap garland during the holidays,€ says Surby. A 360-degree design, intended to please 365 days of the year.

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