God, I love this house.

I wrote about it 5 years ago when it first came to my attention via that cutting edge marketing tool€”a flyer in the mail. At the time it was $5,000,000, an unheard of sum for Qualicum Beach, or pretty much anywhere on the Island outside of Victoria. But oh, what a house.

Well, weirdly it’s back on the market, but not in a way any hillbilly like me could find. Go on Realtor.ca, the altogether useless website of the Canadian Real Estate Board (or better yet start using Redfin.ca, the infinitely superior site from US interloper Redfin) and they’ll tell you that the most expensive home in the area is this quite lovely $2,000,000 home that’s a few kms north of Twin Gables. But if you’re some weirdo who decides to randomly google “Twin Gables” late one night, you’ll discover that it’s being quietly marketed for $6,000,000 on some international website called Luxury Portfolio.

So $6,000,000 is insane money for Qualicum. I get that. But stick with me here: the new owners bought it for $5,000,000 five years ago and if you would have stuck that money in even a modestly performing fund you’re at $6,750,000, easy. So it’s not a bad deal there. And they’ve evidently spent an additional $1,000,000 restoring the place over the past few years. So, high price tag or not, it’s a solid financial deal. 

I’m not going to go over all the details (you can read about them in the listing) but only want to write a short poem:

25 Oceanfront Acres

2 Guest Houses

Is that an Aga?


a tennis court

of sorts.

Just enjoy the pictures.