The Pacific Northwest is waking up from winter and heading full speed into early summer. But the extensive rain, long nights and notable absence of light that characterize West Coast winters is still on our minds. The winter weather can cast a shadow that spills into our daily lives, impacting our mood and our mental health. As we head into the lighter months, consider improvements to your space that introduce warmth and light all year long, so by the time winter rolls around again, you are prepared with bright interior spaces—and there’s no better place to start than with stone.

Whether you’re going through a large-scale design-build process or exploring opportunities to renovate your personal abode, it’s important to consider incorporating light, bright shades and colours into your interior design. Stone adds depth and character to the home and elevates flooring, walls, fireplaces and statement pieces.

Discover Arctic River

A first step in the renovation, construction or design process is selecting your stone. Arctic River, featured in the photo, is one of the most highly sought-after natural stones. It effectively brightens a space to create a warm and welcoming interior. Made from quartzite, Arctic River is both aesthetically pleasing and versatile, making a fantastic addition to any room.

If you love this look but want to forgo the price tag of natural stone, stone veneers make an excellent alternative. They look and feel similar to natural stone, but are sustainable, environmentally friendly and have a more approachable budget. Learn more about Arctic River and our full range of natural stones and veneers here.

A Continued Trend

Light interiors in the Pacific Northwest are not new—they’ve been en vogue for the past decade, providing an effective contrast to the rainy climate and offering a respite from the atmospheric moodiness of the surrounding seascape.

Despite their long-standing popularity, light interiors have never been more important than they are right now, following several years of lockdown measures that permanently evolved societal habits. People are spending more time at home than ever before, and our homes often act as the apex of work, relaxation and socialization. It’s more important than ever to cultivate a bright, engaging environment.

Interiors to Brighten Moods & Promote Mental Health

Bright spaces have been proven to boost serotonin, our chief mood regulator. Increased serotonin helps fight feelings of depression and anxiety and helps stabilize appetite and balance sleep patterns. In locations that are characterized by rain, it remains of utmost importance to balance serotonin levels, and what better way to do this than through home design.

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Incorporating light stone like Arctic River in a new build or renovation is the perfect way to bring additional brightness and positive energy to a space. At Pacific Art Stone, we offer a wide range of natural stones and stone veneers to do just that.

Pacific Art Stone is a trusted masonry stone supplier providing a range of high-quality natural and manufactured stone veneer options for your next construction project or renovation. Visit our design centre or online inspiration gallery for more information, or visit our showroom at 8585 123 Street, Surrey, BC.

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