Downtown convenience meets oceanfront escape in this maison d’etre redesign.

When a Lower Mainland couple decided to retire downtown, but didn’t want to sacrifice everything they loved about their suburban family home, they approached maison d’etre design-build inc. for help. “They wanted it to feel spacious, they wanted to maintain their privacy, and they wanted beach access,” explains maison d’etre President Robert Capar who led the False Creek condo redesign.“The building was already about twenty-four years old and the design reflected a different time,” says Capar. “All of the rooms were broken up and you couldn’t even see out the windows until you were in the dining room.” Capar started by tearing down every wall possible—with the exception of a few structural requirements—removing a long, dark, segregated hallway and bringing the kitchen and dining rooms together.maisondetre_001maisondetre_004Entertaining became the new focus of the home, and the basis of every design decision. The first carefully chosen piece of furniture was the dining room table, selected to fit alongside the condo’s curvilinear walls. The beach theme was then woven throughout, with matte driftwood-inspired flooring that wouldn’t be damaged by sun exposure, and televisions tucked out of sight to keep all eyes on English Bay.Capar’s favourite change is the entry to the master bedroom, which was pushed to the very back of the condo, creating a greater sense of privacy. “It allows them to share a downsized space more comfortably, without feeling as though they’re living on top of each other,” he says.maisondetre_003maisondetre_005A few thoughtful finishing touches—like a cozy reading nook, quiet desk space and stunning walk-in shower—polish off the project and fulfill the clients’ ultimate goal: a gorgeous home that is completely worry-free.