This one-on-one is the first step in bringing your customized dream home to life.

When it comes to renos, the DIY approachhas its place. But when you've seeking a fresh, new space that suits yourlifestyle as much as your personal style, that's where custom design comes in.

Creating a home that feels right beginswell before colours and cabinets are selected; it starts with a look at whatyour life is all about.

Maybe you have an extremely demandingprofession and need your home to be a serene, calming refuge. Maybe there'snothingyou love more than having a comfy place to watch movies with friends andfamily. Or perhaps you love cooking and entertaining and want your home to be ahub of activity.

€œWe start with really working out thedesign you want: how you want your space to function and what It's going togrow into,€ says maison d€™etre president Robert Capar. €œWhat does your homemean to you? It can become a place that's all the things you need it to be.When you change your home, you change your life.€

Now, Western Living readers have the chance to win a private design consultation with Capar himself.

During the design consultation, he'll help thewinner develop a vision and aesthetic as to how they could function and existin their home.

Knowledge is power: with nearly 25 years€™experience doing custom renovations in Vancouver, Capar heads a qualified teamof passionate design experts to see each project through.

And under Capar's guidance, maison d€™etrehas amassed multiple prestigious awards for its thoughtful, stunning designs,including Ovation Awards from Homebuilders Association Vancouver and GeorgieAwards from the Canadian Home Builders Association€”BC.  

He says the best reward, however, ishearing back from clients about living in their new home.

€œNo two people are the same; It's notcookie cutter,€ he says. €œEveryone has a different focus and idea of what theylike and want. But in the end, finishes, colours, lighting, details, andfunctionality all have to come together to create a beautiful space.€

To help bring ideas to life, maison d€™etrehas a new showroom complete with a brainstorming room, where clients can seedifferent ideas presented on-screen in 3D. This allows them to visualize their spaceand see a new home come together right before their eyes.

there'salso a creative room with anenormous selection of materials and finishes, from backsplash tile totouch-release cupboards, so you can get a concrete idea what a cohesive designwould look like without having to travel to various shops across the LowerMainland.

You can visit maison d€™etre at 111 W. 5th Avenue or online at or get more information by calling 604.484.4030.

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Terms: To enter, the contestant must be 21+ years of age and reside in Metro Vancouver. Contest ends August 14.