Building with steel in a rainforest? It’s a recipe for rust. But what happens if you don’t fear this natural material evolution… and embrace it?

Well, as it turns out, you get this stunning textured modernist structure from the folks at DPo Architecture. The rusting steel panels clad the two-storey building to make some serious street-level impact, the earthy red walls framing sleek glass windows that take in views of downtown and the mountains beyond. 

DPo’s love for materials isn’t only on display on the exterior. On the inside, the prefabricated mass timber CLT panels that make up the home’s structural system are fully exposed, and bring a natural warmth into the space. Concrete floors with radiant heating just amp up the cozy factor, as do the views into the intimate backyard courtyard, where a steel-clad fountain burbles away.

Photos by Grant Harder

Inside the CLT Courtyard House

A low-maintenance succulent garden on the roof helps collect rainwater for use throughout the building.

Prefabricated panels came together quickly on site to create this simple modernist structure that still boasts plenty of style. 

Through some windows, the homeowners have sweeping views of downtown Vancouver and the North Shore mountains; through others, they find a glimpse of the serene courtyard.

Built-in cabinetry conceals a TV in the living room. Glossy cabinetry reflects the natural light to make the simple space even brighter on grey Vancouver days.

Concrete floors are equipped with radiant heating to keep the sleek modernist unit feeling cozy. 

The CLT panels are exposed to add woodsy warmth into the 2,604-square-foot home.

A floating staircase is built from solid white spruce, each step hand-milled by the homeowner.

Textured linens, rugs and drapery in the bedroom create an inviting oasis.

The dining area was featured in the October issue of Western Living.

Blue tiling sparkles in the sunlight and adds even more spa-like serenity to the home’s courtyard.