From pre-reno butterflies to the final sigh of relief, kitchen reno survivors tweet, post, and share the 12 stages of a kitchen renovation.

Kitchen renovations: a time to spruce up your colour pallet, explore the new trends in tile, and get the extra cupboard space you’ve always dreamed of. It seems like everyone has a kitchen reno story, from misplaced cabinets that took a ferry to Guam to the colour-matching goddess that “will change the way you think of white.” With so much experience floating around on the web, we’ve scoured and sorted to create a helpful guide like no other. Without further ado, here is

The 12 Stages of a #KitchenReno (as Told by Social Media)


1. Pre-reno excitement. There’s no going back now (fingers crossed). Time to step up your Google Images game and pin some design-spiration.


2. Research (on research, on research). Is it possible to get a restraining order from a sink?


3. Packing up the goods. It’s funny how that clutter in the back of the cupboard suddenly transforms into magical (and sometimes odd) treasure.



4. Realizing the lack of space. Its not our fault, there’s an entire room missing.


5. Demolition Day 1. I forgot, what is organization again?


6. Finding a new home. Home Depot has benches, right?


7. Working with what’s left. Bath bombs, dish soap, it’s all the same.


8. Getting creating. Who says there’s only one way to use an appliance?


9. The beginning of the end. Look at all the progress! Surely it must be close to being done…


10. Realizing it isn’t the end. Wally knows the feeling.


11. Becoming a pro. No kitchen? No problem.


12. The big reveal. It’s over! Look at the beautiful new kitchen. It wasn’t that hard, was it? What do you think—time to update the bathroom?


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