The team at Kitchen Art Design shows us how to incorporate the latest kitchen trends.

Trends in kitchen design are always evolving, offering new ways to delight and inspire. The trick is, knowing how to incorporate them into your dream kitchen design, in a way that marries beauty and function. The experts at Kitchen Art Design€”who have 30 years of experience strategically designing kitchens and locally manufacturing custom cabinetry€”wanted to share a few ideas, looks and tips to inspire a timeless, form-meets-function kitchen that works for you and your whole family.

Kitchen Art Design's meeting room space is a private environment to plan designs, discuss quotes and look over 2D and 3D renderings.


It's a more dramatic style choice, but It'sgaining serious ground. And that's partly because black, like white, is also aneutral, which means it blends nicely with any style, from traditional tomodern. In this space, photographed in Kitchen Art Design's new Coquitlamshowroom, sleek black cabinets and black matte countertops create a streamlinedlook. To complement the black, Kitchen Art Design paired it with walnutcabinets. When applied horizontally, the walnut's distinct linear grainactually accentuates the length of the kitchen.

How to make black work in the kitchen? Theanswer is proper lighting and lots of it. White and lighter surfaces reflectlight, while black absorbs it. The finishes used in this display are alsomatte, making it not too reflective or distracting. Mixing finishes andtextures will add plenty of warmth and light to a dark kitchen.

Accents are a major part of any space. The artful chandelier and the glass picture frame used as backsplash brings plenty of natural light into this kitchen display.


Concealing built-in appliances with customcabinetry is a major trend, because it creates that clean, streamlinedminimalist look, devoid of visual interruptions. In this look, you can€™t evenspot the all-the-bells-whistles Thermador coffee maker. A mix of soft neutrals,like the rift-cut base cabinets in white oak and the white painted aluminumglass uppers makes this kitchen as interesting as it is inviting. A flexibletape light of low-profile LEDs is the perfect modern touch.


The big trend in the countertop industry hasdefinitely been the industrial look; using heavy construction materials, likecement or concrete. You can see how a soft, neutral-mix palette like this canreally add warmth to the Caesarstone Rugged Concrete countertop.


The past year has seen a growing emergence ofthe two-toned kitchen, and It's not going anywhere. In this Kitchen Art Designshowroom display, you can see how the team added contrast with colourdiversity, combining two shades of grey. To add a rustic, contemporary feel,they integrated wood panelling and matte black hardware. The addition of openshelving gives a fresh, modern vibe to the space.

In most two-toned kitchens you'll find thatupper and lower cabinets fit within the same colour palette, usually darkershades on the lower cabinets and lighter shades on the uppers. Another popularchoice is to offset the kitchen island in a different material and colour tocreate a contrasting, eye-catching focal point.

The countertops and backsplash are Empira White, the latest addition to the Caesarstone collection for 2019. The full height Caesarstone quartz backsplash gives a clean and tidy look to the kitchen and it also creates a uniform transition from countertop to cabinet.

New:The Kitchen Art Design Studio

In their new full-service design centre inCoquitlam, Kitchen Art Design built an entire design studio to create a comfortablespace where interior designers, general contractors and homeowners could plantheir new kitchens. Kitchen Art Design's experienced in-house designers willhelp you visualize all the options, including cabinetry finishes and hardwareto create your dream space. From the beginning to end, in-house designersensure that every detail is considered. And Kitchen Art Design understands thatthe design process is not just about making a space look good, It's aboutplanning strategically, finding the right products and having a knowledgeabledesigner to help you pull it all together.

In the Design Studio at Kitchen Art Design's new showroom, they showcase a variety of built-in systems to maximize the space, including pullouts, recycling units and other mechanisms that not only look beautiful, but maximize space, utility and organization.

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