It’s all about the cabinets.

Invite the beauty of the West Coast into your home with these natural finishes for cabinets by Merit Kitchens. As seen on everyone’s favourite home decorating show, Love It Or List It, Merit Kitchens can give you the home of your dreams with custom kitchen cabinetry. Always on top of the latest trends, Merit Kitchens’ manager of product development, Julie Johnstone, shares some tips on how you can transform your kitchen into a West Coast oasis that you’ll never want to leave.

1. Natural Finishes

Bring British Columbia’s great outdoors inside. “More natural wood colours and textures are reminiscent of those you would find in nature around us,” says Johnstone. “No enhanced or furniture-like colours or finishes here for kitchen cabinets.” To create a modern and comfortable feel, swap out dark-stained woods on cabinetry with more natural finishes on maple or oak. This subdued look is not only easy on the eyes, but it gives off a more refined rustic look.

2. Off-White Hues

Perfect the West Coast contemporary look by incorporating off-white hues into your kitchen. “Off-white blends restfully with the natural wood tones of the eco-veneer walnut slab door,” says Johnstone. To create some pop, try adding gloss. “The high gloss of the painted cabinetry door adds a bit of shine,” says Johnstone. And instead of having large handles on the cabinets, you can get fully-integrated pulls built right into the doors themselves, like the ones above, creating clean and simple lines throughout the kitchen.

3. Grey Finishes

Finishing kitchen cabinets with a grey stain is a great way to create an earthy feel. “Calming, subdued grey tones complement the natural wood post and beams of this home’s architecture,” says Johnstone. And if you want to go for a bit warmer grey, try one of our new favourite colours, ‘griege’ — a shade of grey that’s between grey and beige.

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