Want to upgrade your cabinetry game? First step: pick a style.

Your stove may help you show off your cooking, but cabinetry shows off your style. Here are five different ways to get a look you’ll love.

(Photo: Jo-Ann Richards.)

1. Flat Panel

The flat, even surface appeals to true modernists, though transitional types will love to get playful with colour, material, finishes and additional hardware. Natural wood grain, muted colours or bright lacquered finishes can instantly change the mood and overall tone of the space. Skip the handles for a minimalist vibe, or get creative—bold chrome finishes or simple, discreet knobs may add the final touch you’re looking for. This chic-modern form will work well with any existing interior style, making for an easy update. 

(Photo: Martin Tessler.)

2. Shaker/Inset

The quintessential transitional point between traditional and modern interiors, inset cabinets offer delicacy and depth. The recessed centre lies flush with the front edge of the door, meaning the style works best with framed cabinets—think crisp white, simple hardware, stainless steel appliances, luxe granite counters and warm, dark wood floors for a modern kitchen with traditional flair.

(Photo: Martin Tessler.)

3. Mullions

Whimsical or straightforward, mullions act as a display case, as intricate shapes of diamonds, arches, crescents and geometric lines break up any large cabinet space and add a personal touch. Opt for frosted or stained glass patterns or backlighting to make your vintage dish collection pop. Mullions offer the easy versatility of working with both standard and shaker cabinet styles; put them to work in a modern kitchen or a classically inspired space.

4. Beadboard

Capture the laid-back attitude of a summer cabin with a hit of beadboard in the kitchen. By using a stile and rail to frame an inset beadboarded panel, you can transform modern cabinets into rustic-chic showstoppers in a snap. And feel free to play with colour palettes here: keep it clean and simple with a white finish, add a rustic touch with worn wood grains or mix it up with playful pastels to add a splash of on-trend hues to the space.

(Photo: Barry Calhoun.)

5. Raised Panel

Raised panel cabinets add a robust depth to your kitchen landscape and are by far the most traditional style of doors: the simple and linear design features a centre panel that is raised, usually no farther than the outside surface of the door frame. This style leans to the more conventional, natural wood tones. Pair with other organic materials, such as stone and rich granite, to elevate your kitchen style and add a rustic charm.

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