So many beautiful countertops€”but which one is right for you? 

Amit Thale of Aeon Stone and Tile shared his insights into the pros and cons of each material—balancing beauty and durability for the perfect finish to a great kitchen.


Pros: Beauty; heat-resistant; cost-effective (depending on type: Carrara least expensive)
Cons: Porous; susceptible to stains, cracks and chips; high-maintenance
Average cost: $12 to $150 per square foot


Pros: Wide range of shades; durable; heat-resistant; low-maintenance; longevity
Cons: Porous; can be expensive, depending on colour; needs professional installation
Average cost: $9 to $75 per square foot


Pros: Affordable; easy to install; easy to imitate natural stone
Cons: Easy to damage; not heat-resistant; not easy to repair
Average cost: $10 to $30 per linear foot


Pros: Durable; looks like marble; non-porous; wide colour selection; scratch-resistant; doesn’t need much sealing; most popular natural stone option
Cons:Mid-range cost; needs professional installation
Average cost $16 to $110 per square foot


Pros: Customizable; affordable; glazed ceramic is heat- and stain-resistant; closest option to marble alternative: it’s a laser-printed image of high-quality marble
Cons: Easy to crack; not easy to repair; grout joints can accumulate dirt
Average cost: $19 per square foot

Butcher Block

Pros: Easy to repair; easy to install; affordable; longevity
Cons: Porous; easy to chip, scratch and stain
Average cost: $20 to $150 per square foot


Pros: Non-porous; durable; low-maintenance
Cons: Not heat-resistant; can be too heavy for some cabinet frames
Average cost: $15 to $40 per square foot


Pros: Durable; non-porous; low-maintenance; lots of shades
Cons: Not heat-resistant; more expensive
Average cost: $19 to $31 per square foot