The world has changed. Our homes have become our sanctuaries, our places to rest, recharge, and feel connected. The Pebbles Collection of quartz surface materials from Caesarstone is the perfect way to bring tranquility into the home with a gentle nod to calming elements of nature.

“We truly felt inspired by our need to integrate calm, serene and softness into our homes, which led to the evolution of our Pebbles Collection,” says Ken Williams, President and CEO of Caesarstone, The Americas. “We strive to be a leader in design, innovation and sustainability and are incredibly proud to share this launch with the Canadian design community.”

1004 Stoneburst, two shades of sage grey with soft mineral undertones and subtle grey veining. | Photo courtesy of Caesarstone

Like all Caesarstone surfaces, the new Pebbles Collection provides durability that resists scratches, heat, and stains, providing long-lasting beauty and functionality. The dynamic palette of warm, grey monochromes laced with softer hues creates distinctive textures that trace the everlasting path of wind and water on the pebble, capturing a heartfelt appreciation for nature.

Riverlet, for instance, is a gentle off-white touched by honied-amber capillaries that flow softly across the surface, with Honed finish for a tinge of freshness that reflects more light in the kitchen. In Wyndigo, warm earthy gradients wash over a soft greige surface veined with foamy-greys and delicate white, capturing a pebble’s two-toned mottled patina that is accentuated by Honed finish for an authentic presence. And Agger Grey is a rich two-toned base of warm smokey greys with delicate clay undertones and honey-grey veins that create a two-toned surface in Polished finish.

1003 Raindream, two layers of slate-greys are accentuated by soft dark grey strokes contoured in neutral highlights. | Photo courtesy of Caesarstone

This biophilic design approach is being embraced throughout the home and especially in the kitchen. Countertops, backsplashes and the all-important island add to the nature-inspired aesthetic when dressed in the soft and geo-inspired hues of the Pebbles collection.

“The Pebbles Collection was created by Caesarstone’s in-house design team to address the seismic shifts of the last couple of years, which have affected how we all feel and think about our homes,” Williams says. “The focus has shifted from designing showhouse spaces to creating warm, welcoming, and safe ones.”

1001 Riverlet, a gentle off-white touched by honied-amber capillaries that flow softly across the surface. | Photo courtesy of Caesarstone

In addition to the Pebbles Collection, Caesarstone has introduced three other beautiful new designs, which are also inspired by nature and are a result of the company’s in-house proprietary technology.

In celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2022, Caesarstone is pleased to announce that its new Pebbles Collection is now available to consumers across the country.

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