Eco-friendly? Check. Innovative? Check. Less expensive than a full cabinet replacement, fit for any kitchen from the 1900s and faster than a weekend getaway? Check, Check, Check.

180 Kitchens—a family-owned company serving the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley and Whistler—is taking the kitchen reno market by storm with an innovative cabinet refacing process that adds a third option to transforming your kitchen.

Kitchen Remodel Options

“Most people think there are only two options: paint it or gut it,” says Channell Murray, who owns 180 Kitchens with her husband, Curtis. “We replace all of the exterior parts of the cabinet, add new doors, drawer fronts, side panels and hinges—all at roughly 30-50% less than a full remodel.”

But the benefits go beyond cost. “We have a one to two day turn around for installation,” Curtis says. “We are always improving to make our time in our clients homes more productive and efficient.”

Kitchen before cabinet refacing from 180 Kitchens (see main image for after shot)| Photo courtesy of 180 Kitchens

Co-ordinating Subtrades

180 Kitchens also pairs the service with new countertops and backsplash and manages the whole project for a seamless, hassle-free experience.

“If the homeowner hires each contractor separately, they don’t talk to each other, but all of the pieces have to work together,” Curtis says. “With one company managing it all, you have the trades speaking to each other and the homeowner doesn’t have to worry.”

180 Kitchens does the messy work in the shop so their time onsite is essentially ‘plug and play’, and they preserve as much of your cabinetry as possible, keeping excess out of the landfill.

“We are a husband and wife team with three kids under five years old,” Channell says. “We know what it would be like to not have access to our kitchen. It is with that mindset that we developed an amazing, quality product so our customers never have to be away from their space longer than necessary.”

Solving Renovation Problems

On a recent home renovation project, the homeowner called Curtis and Channell nine months after having their cabinets painted by another contractor. The paint was chipping, the drawer fronts were falling off—the contractor had actually left the homeowner with a “touch-up kit” so she could repair her own paint.

“We replaced all the doors, refaced existing cabinet boxes, switched out the drawers with undermount soft close units and added functional storage solutions customized to their space,” Curtis says. “I did it all in a day, and the customer was blown away.”

“The biggest feedback from this homeowner was ‘I wish I knew 180 Kitchens existed, because I would have put my money there first,” Channell says. “But the cost of both services was still less than a new kitchen.”

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