The kitchen is the heart of the home, a place where people come together to eat, share and live life. Modern kitchens have evolved into spaces of expression, where daily routines are turned into beautiful rituals through human-centered innovation, cohesive design and custom solutions. To create your ultimate luxury kitchen, you’ll want to opt for premium appliances that complement your design aesthetic and perfectly fit your space.

Fisher & Paykel’s comprehensive suite of luxury products is meticulously crafted to offer you complete design freedom through a breadth of five refined aesthetic styles that integrate seamlessly with your kitchen.


The Minimal style celebrates a singular aesthetic that allows appliances to blend seamlessly into the kitchen, drawing on subtle textural and tonal contrasts for a sense of refinement and design clarity. The style is defined by a single colour palette, intentionally eschewing stark contrasts to create a pure and purposeful look.

Because cooking appliances cannot be truly hidden behind cabinetry, the Minimal style is designed to be the perfect complement to a suite of Integrated style appliances.

Minimal style appliances incorporate subtle differences in material textures and tone to add a level of delicate detail resolution upon closer inspection. This restrained treatment is tastefully understated, bringing depth and layering of visual interest while maintaining the simplicity of the style.


Representing a timeless, enduring aesthetic, Contemporary appliances feature the clean lines, bold yet complementary tonal contrasts, and signature design features that have become a hallmark of the style.

The Contemporary style draws on both modern and traditional design cues to create a sleek and refined look that is not defined by any single era or vintage. It celebrates simplicity and purity and is intended to be paired and combined to extend common design elements across the kitchen for a beautifully considered look.

Deeply articulated by perfectly balanced proportions, beautiful materiality and craftsmanship-level quality, Contemporary style appliances are designed to match.


The ultimate in design choice and freedom, Integrated products take on the materiality of the kitchen, disappearing to allow kitchen design to truly shine.

The result is a kitchen that is considered and design-forward, a single aesthetic vision uninterrupted by the contrasting styles or materials of appliances. With Integrated style appliances, the kitchen in its entirety becomes one cohesive design feature.

Minimal gaps give a sense of continuity and consistency that communicates refinement. Appliances fit flush with cabinetry for delivering a seamless finish in the kitchen.

Tastefully understated, Integrated style appliances give complete design freedom while allowing their superior functionality and performance to speak for themselves.


Professional style appliances feature a distinctive and bold aesthetic, inspired by their commercial kitchen heritage with uncompromised power for exceptional results in a residential setting.

Proudly celebrating stainless steel construction and robust proportions, the Professional style speaks to a hand-crafted aesthetic, is built to last and intended to withstand the rigors expected of a commercial kitchen.

Cooktops feature continuous grates for sliding cookware safely, mounted on powerful high-BTU burners. Refrigerators are fabricated from high quality stainless steel and feature the signature Professional style handles, while ventilation and companion products extend the aesthetic across the entire kitchen.

This style is defined by performance to provide commercial cooking capability at home, for cooks who are serious about achieving perfect results.


Experience the perfect blend of a heritage aesthetic with modern performance with Classic style appliances.

Classic style appliances are designed to have presence within a kitchen—to stand out and make a statement as a bold centerpiece. They are additive, eclectic and expressive.

Choose by colour to bring personality and character to the kitchen, the perfect appliance to bring a touch of modernity to traditional homes while remaining in keeping with the design of the home.

Quality in every detail, from their fit, finish, usability and performance, Classic style appliances are built to meet the demands of serious cooks.

Explore the beauty of choice with Fisher & Paykel at your nearest Trail Appliances showroom. Kitchen perfection awaits.

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