By mixing the modern with the classic, two Saskatoon designers create a look that will stand the test of time.

We had no boundaries,” laughs Curtis Elmy, co-principal of Saskatoon’s Atmosphere Interior Design. He and partner Trevor Ciona were tapped as designers for the Hospital Home Lottery last fall and used the open-ended assignment to build a dream home with an even dreamier kitchen. “Our only goal,” says Elmy, “was to create something unique that was also approachable and lovable.” And Atmosphere did just that: the rich, distressed oak paired with off-white Shaker drawers is familiar and welcoming, while elements like the solid travertine backsplash make the space one-of-a-kind.This isn’t Atmosphere’s first lottery home, but their work for the charity event is anything but repetitive. “We want to show trends without focusing too much on them, and change the look from year to year,” says Elmy. This time around, contrast rules for the design duo. Blond flooring is juxtaposed with the deep-grey quartz countertops; the oversized, rustic-industrial range hood is flanked by delicate glass sconces; soft woven seagrass seats nestle into rugged, wire-scraped frames. The mix here works wonders, borrowing tones and textures from vintage farmhouses and modern European design alike—the minimalist moulding on the drawers would work equally well in a sleek Italian kitchen as it would in a traditional setting—to create a look that’s timeless.


1. Skip the panelling and install appliances out of the main sightline.2. Hide storage everywhere—like secret touch-to-open drawers on the back side of your kitchen island.3. Move switches from the wall to the underside of your cabinets so the backsplash can flow uninterrupted.4. Install sconces to add visual interest to a wall even when the lights are off.5. Choose a low-profile sink and faucet if you have dramatic lighting like these pendant lamps. WLatmosphere kitchen  GET THE LOOK There’s tons of storage here—including secret cabinets on the seating side of the island—so Atmosphere could lose the uppers on one wall and cover it in travertine. Custom Content Custom millwork around the range hood creates visual interest while concealing the bulky appliance within. “Dark wood is gorgeous, but high maintenance,” says Curtis Elmy. Here, white oak is treated with a minimal white wash to distress the wood for a beautiful and rich texture. Industrial chic pendants from Restoration Hardware were given a custom update with an oil rub finish.