A calming, white-on-white palette offers the perfect backdrop for splashes of bold colour.

western living white kitchen

When it came time to renovate their Saskatoon home, the homeowners—a doctor and a stay-at-home mom—were at odds: she loves a traditional look, and he’s a fan of mid-century design. But in this smartly designed space, they found a beautiful compromise. “Everybody loves a white kitchen,” says Curtis Elmy of Atmosphere Interior Design. “It’s clean, neutral and classic.”

Atmosphere, working with Redl Kitchens, started by knocking out the wall to the adjacent dining room, doubling the size of the kitchen. Glass double doors now look out into the backyard, where a pool is slated for installation; the kids will be able to play and swim within eyesight as mom and dad prep dinner.

While Elmy and his partner Trevor Ciona aren’t home cooks themselves, they still understand how important a kitchen is in a home. “Our goal was to make it a space for entertaining, full of elegance and glamour,” says Elmy. Mission accomplished.

5 Ways to Rock This Classic White Look

white kitchen western living

1. Opt for glass fixtures when ceilings are low. Eight-foot ceilings work perfectly with these Cheers pendants from Tech Lighting, chosen to avoid disrupting the visual flow.

2. Install a bar sink for guests. A second sink by the dining-room entrance offers guests a space to prep drinks without disturbing the chef.

3. Select the perfect accent colour: grey. An all-white kitchen can sometimes be just that—too white. A light-grey quartz counter, paired with soft grey “Loucks Farm” by Para Paints on the kitchen island, adds depth to the white kitchen without being distracting.

western living white kitchen

4. Create a sense of openness with textured glass—without having to reveal it all. Cross-reed glass in some cabinets allows colour and shape to peep through without having to keep the contents photo-ready.

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5. Amp up the colour with bold accessories. A classic white kitchen provides the perfect neutral backdrop for bold accessories that can be swapped in and out as tastes changes: fuchsia florals, a gold Le Creuset pot or a navy stand mixer.

Originally published March 2013.