Why Merit Kitchens is an experience for life.

Envious of the beautiful kitchen cabinets you see on television design shows?julie_croppedonline

You don’t have to be on screen to have a beautiful kitchen, you just need to know where the pros go, and why. We caught up with Merit Kitchens’ Julie Johnstone to chat pedigree, quality and everyone’s favourite local design show (and how Merit Kitchens shines bright in every episode).

What makes Merit Kitchens unique?

It’s our dedicated craftspeople, technical specialists and customer service professionals, many of who have been with Merit for decades. Their expertise has been designing, building, and delivering beautiful cabinetry for over 45 years.

Why do clients love your cabinets so much?

We know cabinets can transform a house into a home. We start with only the best raw materials and European hardware. And by using the delicate touch of hand-finishing, we reveal the wood’s beauty and natural grain.

Why has Merit Kitchens been so successful?

I’d say it’s because our cabinets combine beauty with intelligent design. We stay on top of current trends so customers can choose from the latest storage innovations, door styles, finishes, and decorative elements. We honour history and tradition while embracing technology and modern trends to deliver the best cabinetry for the kitchen, bathroom and throughout the home.

Do you have your own questions about kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities?

Merit Kitchens has the answers. Visit us online to learn more about cabinetry, and Julie’s responses to some frequently asked questions.