Kitchens, kitchens and more Scandi-beautiful kitchens!

I’m not sure what it was about this week that had me so Scandi-starved, but this Scandi-inspo from Ikea—a big bold photo gallery showcasing their top kitchen designs and trends for 2018—is just what the doctor ordered.

Trend #1: Classic Monochrome

Sure they’re playing with a lot of white and black, but nothing is too stark or clinical here. Smart uses of rich wood and stone adds depth and balance, so each kitchen feels inviting instead of too clean or sterile to hang out in. Jutis frosted glass doors (from $50 each), Veddinge base and high-cabinet door front (from $79/linear ft.). Kungsbacka door front (from $99/linear ft.). Tingsryd door front again!

Trend #2: Mix-and-Match Cabinetry

It’s fun to see more iterations of the two-tone millwork trend. In some instances, it’s turning the island and cabinets into more furniture-style stand-alone pieces (perfect for open-concept living!), while in others it’s expanding the canvas for creative types (who have been itching to treat their cabinets like barista boards). Voxtorp (walnut) high-cabinet door front and Voxtorp (beige) island door front (from $145/linear ft.) Uddevalla wall cabinet door front (from $40 each) and Veddinge base cabinet door front (from $79/linear ft.). Jarsta wall cabinet door front (from $70 each) and Ringhult base cabinet door front (from $125/linear ft.). Kallarp high-cabinet door front (from $119 linear ft.) and Tingsryd island door front (from $69/linear ft.).

Trend #3: Scandinavian Modern

Ikea’s calling this cluster of kitchens Scandinavian Modern, but there are a lot of traditional elements at play here that will work with more transitional spaces, too. From retro square tile-work to cream ribbed door fronts (this feels very Gulf Island farmhouse, no?), but a heavy dose of black, sleek minimalist appliances and wood slat walls keep things fresh. Askersund door front (from $79/linear ft.). Hittarp door fronts (from $125/linear ft.). Veddinge door front (from $79/linear ft.).

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