When a Kelowna client needed a kitchen that encouraged guests to flow freely through his modernist home, the team at Room8 crafted a sleek design that plays up colour and cool. Try these five tips to get the look.

Alton 2271. Be bold with a broad swath of yellow. For a spacious and bright gallery-like setting, start with a neutral colour scheme—like the smart white cabinetry and grey concrete floors seen here—and have fun with a contrasting colour to enliven the room.2. Try a tower for smart storage. With slide-out drawers hidden behind tall doors, these cabinets pair a sleek exterior with efficient storage design. (You’ll never dig around at the back of a shelf again!) They’re also perfect for camouflaging appliances.Alton 0263. Go green with recycled counters and cabinets. These striking yellow towers are more than just pretty faces—they were created with zero emissions, using 100-percent-recycled (and recyclable) wood.Alton 2674. Create a sunny glow with the right finish on the cabinets. This space is flooded with natural light from a wall of windows—but, if you aren’t so lucky, a matte satin finish on the glass cabinets will pick up ambient light and create a soft, glowing effect. For a small space, use a glossy finish to add depth to the room.Alton 2355. Get high tech on the counter. Nikron, a new quartz-resin composite, is easily crafted into a 17-foot-long countertop without joints—and it’s stainproof and tough as nails. “You’d need a diamond to scratch it,” says Drinovac.