The Look: Dark and Dreamy.

The Takeaway: Pair black with more black for a kitchen that’s both moody and modern.

The standard move with limited square footage is to go for the white-and-bright look€”light colours open a space up, after all. But designers Kristina Eustace and Diana Tidswell of Kresswell Interiors weren€™t content to play it safe with this Edmonton condo kitchen. €œBlack on black was a risky move, but we wanted to make a big impact in a small space,€ says Eustace. To keep the kitchen feeling dynamic with its monochromatic palette, the duo played with texture and accents designed to pop: charcoal subway tiles from River City Tiles were laid in a dramatic herringbone pattern; a floating walnut shelf breaks up the dark wall; a modern brass Delta Trinsic faucet shines like a jewel. €œThe details draw your eye around,€ Eustace says.