Tile expert Sophie Belanger ranks the best kitchen backsplash trends for the year.

Brace yourself: kitchen renovation season is upon us. From the first design meeting to the final coat of paint, renovations are a recipe for stress. Luckily ICON’s Sophie Belanger, who recently talked tile with Western Living, is divulging even more trade secrets to help us through the chaos, this time in the world of kitchen backsplashes.

Here are Sophie’s Top Kitchen Backsplash Trends for 2015

 Artisanal Artisans, rejoice: handmade backsplashes are back. “If you’re looking for a handmade, one-of-a-kind look, Artisanal tiles are perfect,” says Belanger. With warm tones complementing an imperfect elegance, this trendy tile, rocking an upscale Etsy vibe, is a must-have for the kitchen. “Just like the Artisanal tiles, cooking is art,” notes Sophie. “It’s what makes them the perfect backsplash for a lively kitchen.”Arte Industrial Every kitchen needs a statement piece and an Industrial backsplash is certainly one to consider. Masculine meets rustic, these backsplash tiles have “a strong character” according to Belanger. “It screams touch me,” notes Sophie. From beiges to dark greys, an Industrial backsplash is as inviting as it is daring.gray-stone-kitchen-backsplash-interiorMiddle Eastern Ornamentation It doesn’t matter if you’re a Montague or a Capulet, this one is for the romantics. With a nod to the 18th Century, these backsplash tiles are a modern interpretation of a centuries-old classic. With a focus on shape and pattern, these tiles will sweep your kitchen off its feet in the best kind of way: “Middle Eastern Ornamentation backsplashes are embellished, to be sure, but not in a crazy way,” notes Sophie. It’s fashion meets romance, all in the comfort of the home.Arabesque-03 Tri-Dimensional We’re not sure if it’s time for a “Love Revolution” but it’s sure time for a backsplash revolution. Kravitz Design, founded by the great Lenny Kravitz himself in 2003, is the trendsetter of this highly tactile new backsplash craze. “It’s high-end and contemporary,” says Belanger. “I can imagine someone sipping Pinot Noir and just gazing at their amazing kitchen,” Sophie says. (With Lenny playing in the background, of course.)Goccia_3