They even let you bake cookies in the test kitchen (yum!)

When it comes to kitchens, Coast Appliances is always on the leading edge of innovative product selections. We caught up with Coast Appliances’ Susan Ford to find out what their freshly renovated Vancouver showroom (8488 Main St.) has to offer.

What can customers do in your new test kitchens?

Customers are able to use all of the latest appliances available in the market place today, from induction cooktops to dishwashers. We provide product knowledge by cooking for our customers in our live kitchens. We have cooked dishes such as beef roasts, fish and poultry in our steam ovens, pasta dishes on our induction cook top, and baked cookies in our convection ovens. Customers get to experience the process first-hand and taste the results. (Photo: Erin Wild)

What excites you most about the new products available from the brands you carry?

Each manufacturer has something special to offer. We are very excited about how new technology has been incorporated in the appliance world. Energy Star, green manufacturing, quality standards and innovative ideas are what make our brands great!Manufacturers today have taken initiatives to have the least damaging effect on the environment. They significantly decrease the use of chemicals, solvents and energy consumption. (Photo: Erin Wild)Customers can also benefit from the ease new technology provides. Imagine refrigerators that are able to manage your house and life, all controlled from a connected touch screen on the door of the refrigerator. Or, to be able to control your oven anywhere you go with Wi-Fi connectivity and a smart phone app. All of these innovative designs focus on making life easier for our clients.

With such a large range of products, who are your ideal customers?

An ideal customer is simply anyone who needs appliances, but especially those who are passionate about appliances. We love helping them find the brands that work for their lifestyle and make them feel happy.