John Moroz of Belgard shares insider tips on how to choose the right landscaping contractor.

You€™ve decided to update your landscaping, but you don't know where to start. Maybe you've looking for the right contractor to bring your vision to life, or maybe you want to find a true partner who can give you advice from the very start. Regardless, the whole process can feel overwhelming. €œSome customers have a clear vision of what they want, while others need more guidance from their contractor,€ says John Moroz, Marketing Manager at Belgard.When you've searching for the right contractor for your next big project, start by asking these four questions. They'll help you to avoid common mistakes and ensure that you love your new landscape for many years to come.

1. €œHow can I make updates to my landscape that are timeless and increase the value of my home?€

Just because you know that you want to make a change, doesn't mean you know what you want that change to be. No worries €” you've hiring an expert for their knowledge and experience. According to John Moroz, Marketing Manager at Belgard: €œCreating a livable outdoor space that extends the space of the home can play an important role when it comes time to sell.€ He suggests statement features €” like a patio with a fire pit and seating area €” which add outdoor entertainment opportunities.

2.  €œWhat are some of the latest landscape design trends?€

Ultimately you want to know that your contractor is in touch with latest industry trends. While it's important to stay on budget, you can encourage your contractor to get creative in the early stages of pitching to see if their style aligns with your own. This summer it's all about outdoor kitchens and fireplaces. €œTaking entertaining outdoors continues to be a focus for Canadians €” especially when the season is relatively short,€ explains Moroz. One of the most popular ways to extend your interior design outdoors is with large porcelain pavers in a wood grain finish. €œYou would be surprised how dramatic the change can be when replacing a poured concrete walkway with pavers,€ says Moroz.

3. €œWhat experience do you have working on similar projects?€

Every landscape project is unique from the last, but it's still comforting to know that your contractor is able to create something beautiful and functional within your budget. Asking for examples of past work is a good way to gauge their ability to stay on track, and gain extra inspiration. Installations or renovations that feature the same materials being proposed for your own property can also help to illustrate how your landscaping will hold up to the tests of time and weather.Moroz suggests always getting at least three quotes from contractors before making a decision. €œRequest samples €” including photos €” of their work history and speak with previous customers as well,€ he says.

4. €œWhen can I expect to provide feedback?€

No matter how involved you want to be in the creative process, your feedback should be heard loud and clear from the onset. €œA great first step is having a 3D rendering completed before any shovels hit the ground,€ says Moroz. Belgard Design Studio provides a complete 3D rendering and video fly-through that ensures the homeowner and contractor are on the same page from the start. One of the most common mistakes according to Moroz? €œNot having clear direction on what the end product will look like.€There's plenty of time left to complete your landscape wish list in time for patio season. Take these steps to finding the right contractor for your next project and then rest easy knowing that the backyard of your dreams is in good hands.