Follow these expert tips and enjoy the magic of fresh blooms in your home for as long as possible.

Everyone loves to send and receive fresh flowers! Arrangements can often convey meaning better than words and are a wonderful way to mark the most significant life moments. There is something extra special about coming home to a bouquet of fresh and beautiful blooms that add life to any room.


According to Bloomex, Canada's largest florist, here are seven fool-proof tips to keep your cut flowers vibrant and fresh so you can enjoy their beauty as long as possible…

1. Make Smart Choices

Choose heartier varieties and single stem bouquets. €œSome flower varieties last much longer than others,€ says Leslie Borys, one of the top florists at Bloomex Canada. “Carnations and daisies last longer, for example, than do cut tulips.€

2. Work with a Dependable Florist

Choose a reputable florist. Bloomex, for example, flies in its flowers directly from farms and keeps them at cool temperatures to provide the freshest blooms possible. €œFlowers begin to die as soon as they are cut,€ adds Borys. €œSo getting them to the customer as quickly as possible gives you a longer lasting bouquet to enjoy.€

3. Consider the Stems

Make sure you cut the flower stems at an angle, ideally under running water, using clean, sharp shears or scissors. €œAn angle allows the stem to draw in water more easily as opposed to flat stems sitting pressed against the bottom of your container,€ advises Borys. €œAnd for best results, re-trim the stems every couple of days.€

4. Maintain the Bouquet

Remove any leaves that will be below water when the flowers are placed in your container of choice. This will help prevent bacterial growth. If any leaves fall in over the next few days, or if single stems die earlier than others, be sure to remove them promptly. €œChanging the water every other day is also the best way to keep your flowers looking their best,€ adds Borys.


5. Roses Take Care

For roses, “you should remove the guard petals (the two or three outermost petals) to reveal the more beautiful petals beneath,” Borys recommends. “This will also encourage the rose to open more so you can fully enjoy.”

6. Flowers and Fruit Don’t Mix

Make sure your container is clean and fill it with water, preferably at room temperature or slightly cooler. Place your arrangements away from heating vents, open windows or other areas to avoid breezes, drafts or other air movement. Keep them in a cool place if possible as higher temperatures will make them bloom faster. Another tip: €œdon't place your flowers near fruit,€ says Borys. €œFruits release ethylene gas which can also shorten flower life. €œ

7. Try a DIY Helper

Some people try natural ingredients from around the house to help feed and boost flower life, such as sugar, apple cider vinegar, a few drops of bleach or even vodka to help reduce bacterial counts. €œReally the best way to boost flower life is to add the packet of flower food that is provided with your bouquet,€ says Borys. €œIt contains all the food and preservatives your flowers need.€